Used item delivery

Used item delivery in Seattle

Buy without leaving the house in Seattle. It's never been easier to shop on Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, OfferUp, and more. We'll pick up your items and deliver them into your home, same day.

Used item delivery in Seattle
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Anything, anywhere

We'll go the distance to pickup that item you love, up to 150 miles outside our service area, and deliver it right where you want it.


On your schedule

We're ready when you are. Skip the ATM and pay for your items prior to pickup using services like Venmo or Cash App.


Sit back and relax

We'll take it from here. Just add the seller as an additional contact to your Lugg. You can rest easy knowing your purchases are protected.

How it works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.


Book your Lugg

Set your pickup location and destination, select the vehicle that is right for you, and choose a time you would like us to arrive.

Close-up of customers hand holding the Lugg app with a red sofa in the backgroud.

We'll take it from here

Two strong Luggers arrive to load your stuff and secure it safely. We'll see you at the destination!

Luggers and customer shaking hands.

Rate & tip

We'll unload your items and place them right where you want them. Review your experience and have the option to tip your Luggers for a job well done. We'll see you next time!

Customer rating and tipping her Luggers.

Get an estimate

Fully insured. On your schedule.
Arriving in as little as 30 minutes.

Luggers with furniture

Preparing for your Lugg

Moving is stressful. We're here to make it go as smooth as possible. Here are 2 tips to make it go even smoother.

Bed with tools

Disassemble larger items

Please disassemble larger items where possible so we can move them safely throughout your home.

TV with box

Pack your items

Make sure all your items are packed safely and ready to move before we arrive.


Millions of happy customers

They were very communicative, prompt, friendly and arrived before scheduled time which was awesome for me. Would definitely recommend Lugg!

Joyce in Puyallup, WA

Brad and Eric did a great job helping to move me from one apartment to another. They quickly disassembled and reassembled all necessary furniture with a positive attitude!

Jackie in Seattle, WA

These guys are fantastic. So professional. Very friendly. Excellent communicators. The move went very well. Would hire them again in a heartbeat.

Annie in Seattle, WA

A truck and movers for any occasion

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Store Delivery

Store delivery in under 1-hour

Shop that new sofa from your local furniture store and let us pick it up and deliver into your home, right where you want it. Same day. Effortlessly.

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Small moves

Move into your apartment with a tap

Enjoy the ease of moving with Lugg. In just few simple steps book 2 strong movers and a truck to move all your items into your new place.

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Used item delivery

Buy used and get it home same-day

Shop used, buy local. It's never been easier to buy on services like Offerup, Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist. Pay online and let Lugg pick it up and deliver into your home.

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Donation pick up and delivery with a tap

Connect with movers and a truck to help with your Goodwill and Salvation Army donations same-day!

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Storage moves

Pick up and delivery to and from storage

Effortlessly move your belongings in and out of your storage unit. Store your things with a tap and have them back in as little as an hour when you need them.

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Junk removal

Junk removal with a tap

We send a truck and movers same day to remove and haul away your junk to the nearest transfer station.

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Luggers moving everything
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