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Get your junk hauled away

Use Lugg for on-demand junk and furniture removal. We'll send movers and a truck to haul your junk away to the nearest transfer station.

junk removal

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Lugg Pickup

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Recycle your items

We're happy to clear out the following items for you


Mattresses (incl. waterbed mattresses), boxsprings, sleeping pillows, and covers.


Damaged items

Damaged electronics, dvds, furniture, tools and other items.

Broken TV


Small refrigerators, freezers, washers/dryers, and other small appliances.


Closing times

Most dumps and recycle centers close in the early afternoon. Please be sure to double check their hours before booking.

Additional fees

Dump and recycle stations charge a fee to dispose of your items which will be added to your total fare. This could range from $40 to $100+ based on the size and weight.

Things we can't take

Check with your recycle center for more information.

Chemicals & liquids

We won't take paint, chemical liquids, chemical waste, or any other type of illegal substances.

Chemicals & liquids

Raw materials

We won't take loose trash or raw materials like soil, compost, and misc. garden waste such as branches or trees.

Wheel barrow

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Millions of happy customers

Jon and Michael were awesome. My last minute move meant that my stuff wasn't packed as well as it could have been, but it was fine because Jon and Michael were super quick and careful with all of my items. They packed and unpacked everything in a very organized and efficient way. Thank you!

KKara in Austin, TX

Adrian was wonderful. He was professional and also personable. I could tell he takes his work serious by the way he handled my furniture.

MMichelle in Rockwall, TX
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