Can Lugg help me move items within my home or from the street to my home?

Yes we can! At this time, since we do not offer labor only Luggs, you'll still need to make a traditional request through the app or our website. We don’t offer our service without a truck, so the best option would be to schedule our Lugg Pickup. If you only need the help of one Lugger, you can request a Lugg with just one person as well! We do ask though that you are able to help should an item be too heavy for the one Lugger.

When booking, you'll want to enter your pickup address and destination address as the same address, which you’ll then see a breakdown for what to expect of your Lugg bill. It will include the base fare and the price per minute on top of that for the Lugger(s) to help with your needs.

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Very kind! Worked to solve problems. They took direction well and were so nice. Sometimes you feel like you're putting people out, but they did not act that way at all. Happy to help!

Kaley in Los Angeles, CA

He was very kind and professional. He made sure the task was completed properly and according to my needs.

LaTanya in Carson, CA

They were very accommodating to make everything fit. They got creative and fit my furniture into a small cargo van. They gladly took off the sofa legs and put them back on after delivery. They were kind and patient and perfect gentleman. They were flexible and totally worked with me to get the job done.

Shaune-Marie in Wellesley, MA

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