Do I need to be at the pickup location or destination?

When you’re buying items from a store it's actually best to head home, relax and wait for your Lugg to arrive with your items. Just make sure you attach a photocopy of your receipt when you schedule your delivery or send a copy of the receipt to the Luggers via text when they’re en route to the store.

When you’re donating or recycling stuff you don’t have to come with us to the destination. We’ll take care of that for you.

For a residential or storage move, we do require someone is at both locations. It can be you or a proxy. This is to make sure all items you need moved are being moved, as well as handled to your standard. If the Luggers run into any issues, they will have you onsite to help them navigate that.

You will have the option to add a contact to your request, but that feature is to allow a contact to be able to track the Lugg. They will not be able to make contact with the Luggers and the Luggers will not be able to make contact with them.

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Very kind! Worked to solve problems. They took direction well and were so nice. Sometimes you feel like you're putting people out, but they did not act that way at all. Happy to help!

Kaley in Los Angeles, CA

He was very kind and professional. He made sure the task was completed properly and according to my needs.

LaTanya in Carson, CA

They were very accommodating to make everything fit. They got creative and fit my furniture into a small cargo van. They gladly took off the sofa legs and put them back on after delivery. They were kind and patient and perfect gentleman. They were flexible and totally worked with me to get the job done.

Shaune-Marie in Wellesley, MA

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