What is Lugg?

Lugg instantly connects you to a truck and two movers. Request a Lugg and get anything moved for you with a push of a button.

How much does a Lugg cost?

Please download our app to get an estimate. Generally the price depends on the vehicle of choice, miles driven between pick-up and drop-off (you’re charged by the miles, not driving time) and time spent loading and unloading.

How many items are included in the price of the Lugg?

A Lugg is whatever can fit into a Pickup Truck, Cargo Van or Box Truck. If it can’t all fit into one Lugg, you’ll need to request another Lugg to make sure all of your items get moved.

What hours does Lugg Operate?

Movers are online Monday-Friday from 9am to 9pm and Saturday-Sunday from 9am to 8pm. You can request ahead of time by scheduling your Lugg in our app.

Will the movers bring my items inside?

Yes of course! The movers will pickup and drop off your items right where you want them placed - stairs or not!

Will the movers protect my items?

All of the movers have moving blankets and other material to ensure the safety of your items.

How do I change the time or date of my Lugg?

Right now we don’t allow for you to edit your Lugg, simply cancel it (no fee will be charged) and schedule your Lugg in the window that you prefer.

When will my Lugg arrive?

Your Lugg will arrive within the window you choose in the app. You can schedule up to 30 days in advance or request on-demand to arrive as soon as 30 minutes or 1 hour depending on availability. Check your app for available times in your area.

Do I need to wait at the pickup location?

No, actually it’s best to head home, relax and wait for your lugg to arrive with your items! If it’s a store purchase just share the receipt with the movers via text.

Can I have multiple pickups in a single Lugg?

We currently do not have anything in place to accommodate for multiple pickups. Each pickup would need to be an individual lugg.

Can Lugg help me move items within my home or from the street to my home?

Yes we can! When you request just set the pickup and drop off as the same locations and our movers will arrive to move whatever you need.

Can Lugg take items to the city dump for me?

We sure can! You’ll want to list your destination address as the nearest city dump from your pickup location. Please keep in mind that city dumps close sooner than you think, so you’ll want to request early in the day! Lastly, we will charge your credit card on file for the cost of your dump disposal.

What area does Lugg cover?

Currently, we cover pretty much the entire Bay Area. You can see our ever expanding coverage area here.

How do I pay for my Lugg?

All payment is done in the app. We verify your credit card when you request a Lugg, and payment is processed once we fulfill the request.

When do I pay for my Lugg?

Once you’re Lugg is complete, you’ll be prompted to leave a review and optional tip in the app and we’ll then charge your credit card that’s associated with your account.

Do I get charged if I cancel my Lugg?

Absolutely not! We’ll only charge you once the Lugg is completed. Please note, we do process a $25 pre-authorization charge to your credit card when scheduling, but that money will never be taken out of your account.

I see a $25 fee on my credit card statement? Is that in addition to my Lugg?

This $25 is not a booking fee, it’s simply a pre-authorization fee in order to verify your bank account is valid and funds are available. Each time you tap “request Lugg” we run a $25 pre-auth charge, funds will never leave your bank for this and the charge will disappear from your statement.

I don’t see scheduling in my app, how do I schedule my Lugg?

Scheduling will be the last screen you see, after you’ve entered all Lugg details!

How do I know my scheduled Lugg is on the way?

You’ll receive a confirmation text as soon as you schedule your Lugg!

May I schedule multiple Luggs in advance?

Of course! Once you schedule your first Lugg, you can go ahead and schedule as many that meet your needs. They can be at the same time or weeks apart!

Can I tip my movers?

Tipping is entirely optional, but if you want to reward your movers for a job well done you’ll have the opportunity to do so in our app, right after your Lugg is completed.

How do I speak with my mover(s)?

Once the Luggers are assigned to your Lugg, you have the ability to text or call the mover directly about any details or logistics.

Will Lugg disassemble/assemble my items?

A mover is only required to physically move the item from point A to point B. Movers expect the item to be appropriately packed beforehand.

Does Lugg move refrigerators, washer & dryers, and other large appliances?

Unfortunately we are unable to move large appliances at this time as the Luggers do not have the proper equipment to move them.

I need a piano moved, can Lugg help with this?

Unfortunately, at this time we are not equipped to move such a delicate piece of furniture.

Can I ride in the same vehicle as my stuff?

Currently we do not authorize ridesharing on our system.

My building requires moving companies to provide a Certificate of Insurance for a specified amount. Can Lugg work with it?

Yes! Please send us an email at support@lugg.com for a copy of our insurance certificate that you can provide for your building.

I want to be a Lugger, how do I apply?

You can find out more information and apply to be a lugger here. We will reach out to you with more information once you have applied.