Small moves

Lugg—Like Uber, but for moving in Baltimore

Lugg is your on-demand moving and furniture delivery app, like Uber but for moving in Baltimore! Our Luggers are vetted moving professionals with trucks, ready to deliver a 5-star experience.

uber for moving in Baltimore

Delightful moving & delivery

With you every step of the way, our friendly Luggers are vetted professionals who go the distance to provide a 5-star experience. They'll do the impossible to load, haul, and deliver your items safely.


30 min or 30 days

Schedule your Lugg ahead of time up to 30 days in advance or request on-demand and we'll arrive in as little as 30 minutes.

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Select arrival window
within 30 mins
2pm - 3pm
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Your stuff protected

Each Lugg is backed by a multi-million dollar insurance policy from the moment your items are in our hands.


Pay, Rate, Tip

When your Lugg is complete you'll be asked to rate your Luggers with the option to tip them in the app for a job well done.

Pay Rate Tip
Peace of mind

Live tracking

With live-tracking, you can see the location of your belongings at any point during your Lugg and can contact your Luggers at anytime.

Eric's LuggOrder #1337
StatusArriving in 2 minutes

We move it all

From your sofa to your whole place

Lugg Lite

Your boxes

1 Lugger

Lugg Lite is perfect for a bunch of boxes or a handful of small furniture. Only one Lugger comes with Lugg Lite so be ready to help if your items are too heavy for one person.

Lugg Lite • 1 Lugger
Lugg Pickup

Your sofa

2 Luggers

Lugg Pickup is a great choice for moving a few items such as any small furniture or just some boxes.

Lugg Pickup
Lugg Van

Your living room

2 Luggers

Lugg Van is the right match for a room full of stuff, such as a living room, dining room, or bedroom.

Lugg Van
Lugg XL

Your whole place

2 Luggers

Lugg XL is a great fit for moving your whole apartment, small office, and other oversized items.

Lugg XL
Lugg Box

Everything you want

2 Luggers

Lugg Box is great for bulk furniture purchases, home staging and bigger moves such as one-bedroom apartments.

Lugg Box

Get an estimate

Fully insured. On your schedule.
Arriving in as little as 30 minutes.

Luggers with furniture

Uber For Moving in

Experience the ease of moving with Lugg, your answer to "Uber for moving furniture" or an "Uber for trucks" in . Lugg transforms the hassle of moving, whether you're relocating to a new house or just need to move a single item. We specialize in providing the right vehicle and movers for your specific situation.

Uber For Furniture Delivery

Lugg is your go-to app for furniture delivery in , perfect for those buying from large retailers or local stores. With Lugg, the challenge of moving big, bulky items is as easy as pushing a button.

Uber For Marketplace Delivery

Need an "Uber for online marketplace delivery" for items from Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist in ? Lugg will pick up and deliver any marketplace purchases. It's never been easier to shop without leaving the house.

Uber For Storage Moves

Move in or out of your storage unit with the push of a button. Just like ordering an Uber, order a Lugg for pickup and delivery to and from storage.

Uber For Junk Pick Up and Removal

Lugg is at your service, ready to haul away unwanted items to the dump. Say goodbye to clutter effortlessly with our help.

How Lugg Works

On-demand movers: Just like your favorite ride-sharing app Uber, Lugg connects you with professional movers and a truck, ready to handle your job, big or small, at a moment's notice.

Flexible & Reliable: Whether you need to move boxes or an entire household, Lugg offers the flexibility and reliability you need. With a truck for every occasion, like pickup trucks for smaller moves and box trucks for the big and bulky stuff.

Affordable & Transparent Pricing: No surprises here. Get an upfront estimate just like you would with Uber, but tailored for moving and delivery.

Uber is a registered trademark of Uber Technologies, Inc. Use of third-party trademarks or registered trademarks does not imply any affiliation with or endorsement by such third party.

Preparing for your Lugg

Moving is stressful. We're here to make it go as smooth as possible. Here are 2 tips to make it go even smoother.

Bed with tools

Disassemble larger items

Please disassemble larger items where possible so we can move them safely throughout your home.

TV with box

Pack your items

Make sure all your items are packed safely and ready to move before we arrive.


Millions of happy customers

Amazing work!!! Would hire for myself, family, and my kids for college move in! LUGG definetly holds a high standard for their work because let me tell you how amazing they did! No hassle or time consuming drop off, very easy to communicate aswell. My two movers Jerome and Michael M. We’re the amazing people who gave me a great experience! ALWAYS CHOOSE them and LUGG for any of your moving needs

Maryam in Woodbridge, VA

As always they were friendly and extremely helpful and I’m super grateful that they could come and help with moving just the last few things.appreciate it!!

Alison in Annandale, VA

Everything....nice men, hard workers. They were careful with my belongings and placed them according to my request. This is the 5th time I used Lugg and the men never fail in delivering the best customer service. I trust them more than a professional moving company. Great company! I hope these hardworking people are compensated well. Thank you.

Cynthia in Fairfax, VA

A truck and movers for any occasion

Our vehicles
Store Delivery

Store delivery in under 1-hour

Shop that new sofa from your local furniture store and let us pick it up and deliver into your home, right where you want it. Same day. Effortlessly.

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Small moves

Move into your apartment with a tap

Enjoy the ease of moving with Lugg. In just few simple steps book 2 strong movers and a truck to move all your items into your new place.

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Used item delivery

Buy used and get it home same-day

Shop used, buy local. It's never been easier to buy on services like Offerup, Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist. Pay online and let Lugg pick it up and deliver into your home.

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Donation pick up and delivery with a tap

Connect with movers and a truck to help with your Goodwill and Salvation Army donations same-day!

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Storage moves

Pick up and delivery to and from storage

Effortlessly move your belongings in and out of your storage unit. Store your things with a tap and have them back in as little as an hour when you need them.

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Junk removal

Junk removal with a tap

We send a truck and movers same day to remove and haul away your junk to the nearest transfer station.

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