Junk removal

Junk Pick Up and Removal in Atlanta

Enjoy hassle-free, same day junk pick up in Atlanta for anything from individual items to complete household clear-outs. Our junk removal services cater to homes, businesses, offices, retail locations, and more, doing all the heavy lifting so you don't have to lift a finger.

junk pick up in Atlanta

Ready when you are

We'll haul away your unwanted items whenever you need us. Please have any small or loose items bagged or boxed up prior to our arrival.


Set your destination

The destination will be the closest dump, transfer station or recycling center to your pick up location.


A clean home

All without lifting a finger. Your junk is removed in no time, so you can get back to enjoying your home.

How it works

Anything moved in 3 easy steps.


Book your Lugg

Set your pickup location and destination, select the vehicle that is right for you, and choose a time you would like us to arrive.

Close-up of customers hand holding the Lugg app with a red sofa in the backgroud.

We'll take it from here

Two strong Luggers arrive to load your stuff and secure it safely. We'll see you at the destination!

Luggers and customer shaking hands.

Rate & tip

We'll unload your items and place them right where you want them. Review your experience and have the option to tip your Luggers for a job well done. We'll see you next time!

Customer rating and tipping her Luggers.

Recycle your items

We're happy to clear out the following items for you


Mattresses (incl. waterbed mattresses), boxsprings, sleeping pillows, and covers.


Damaged items

Damaged electronics, dvds, furniture, tools and other items.

Broken TV


Small refrigerators, freezers, washers/dryers, and other small appliances.


Closing times

Most dumps and recycle centers close in the early afternoon. Please be sure to double check their hours before booking.

Additional fees

Dump and recycle stations charge a fee to dispose of your items which will be added to your total fare. This could range from $40 to $100+ based on the size and weight.

Things we can't take

Check with your recycle center for more information.

Chemicals & liquids

We won't take paint, chemical liquids, chemical waste, or any other type of illegal substances.

Chemicals & liquids

Raw materials

We won't take loose trash or raw materials like soil, compost, and misc. garden waste such as branches or trees.

Wheel barrow

Get an estimate

Fully insured. On your schedule.
Arriving in as little as 30 minutes.

Luggers with furniture

Say Goodbye To Unwanted Junk

Tackling unwanted furniture and junk doesn't have to be a struggle. Lugg simplifies the junk pick up process, offering an efficient way to dispose of everything from a single item to an entire home's worth of stuff. Our junk removal service handles all the heavy lifting, allowing you to say goodbye to unwanted items without the hassle of dealing with them yourself. We remove old furniture, appliances, and more from any location on your property, ensuring responsible disposal at the facility of your choice.

Instant, Free Estimates for Junk Pick Ups in

Need an immediate junk pick up in ? We provide quick same day and next day service with clear, upfront estimates at no extra charge. Experience the relief of getting rid of old junk and decluttering your space quicker than you imagined, all without any hidden fees or surprises.

The Best Furniture & Junk Pick Up Service

Our junk removal services covers a broad range of items, ensuring we can take nearly anything off your hands. From living room sets and bedroom furniture to appliances and outdoor pieces, we're ready to assist.

Here are some of the items we pick up and remove:

  • Sofas, sectionals, and other living room furniture.
  • Bed frames, mattresses, nightstands, and other bedroom furniture.
  • Dining tables, chairs, rugs, sets, and other dining room furniture.
  • Desks, chairs, bookshelves, and other office furniture.
  • Entertainment centers, electronics, media consoles, and more.
  • Refrigerators, washer and dyer machines, freezers and other appliances.
  • Patio sets, umbrellas, play sets, and other outdoor furniture.

Excluding hazardous materials, we're equipped to remove almost any household item, offering a responsible end to your junk. Still have questions on what we can take? Start a chat with our Customer Support Team now and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

Junk Pick Up and Removal in

With a presence in major cities and thousands of zip codes in our service area, Lugg ensure easy access to junk pick up and removal. Schedule same day within the hour, or choose a time that works best for you up to 30 days in advance.

Turning Junk Into Donations

Don't let good furniture go to waste. Consider donating unable items to charity organizations like Goodwill and Habitat for Humanity in .


Millions of happy customers

They were awesome! They helped me fit all my items in their van and cared a great deal about the care of handling my peloton. They were happy to please and very friendly! Thank you for being so pleasant and so kind today! We truly appreciated your help.

Moe in Decatur, GA

They did a great job showed up like they promised and delivered right to the room the couch is going in. Very nice.

Nicole in Atlanta, GA

Very helpful and patient with my apartment's confusing layout. Efficient and completed the move quickly while putting things in a good position. Thank you very much!

Jessica in Atlanta, GA

A truck and movers for any occasion

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Store Delivery

Store delivery in under 1-hour

Shop that new sofa from your local furniture store and let us pick it up and deliver into your home, right where you want it. Same day. Effortlessly.

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Small moves

Move into your apartment with a tap

Enjoy the ease of moving with Lugg. In just few simple steps book 2 strong movers and a truck to move all your items into your new place.

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Used item delivery

Buy used and get it home same-day

Shop used, buy local. It's never been easier to buy on services like Offerup, Facebook Marketplace & Craigslist. Pay online and let Lugg pick it up and deliver into your home.

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Donation pick up and delivery with a tap

Connect with movers and a truck to help with your Goodwill and Salvation Army donations same-day!

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Storage moves

Pick up and delivery to and from storage

Effortlessly move your belongings in and out of your storage unit. Store your things with a tap and have them back in as little as an hour when you need them.

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Junk removal

Junk removal with a tap

We send a truck and movers same day to remove and haul away your junk to the nearest transfer station.

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